How to Create a Casino Experience That Makes Customers Feel Good

After Goodfellas put mafia culture squarely in the mainstream, Casino arrived as a spiritual sequel and a movie that would shape a generation of filmmakers, particularly those indebted to Scorsese. Its cast of superstars (De Niro, Pesci, Sharon Stone) made it a must-see. But beyond the film’s obvious appeals, it offers a fascinating glimpse into how casinos work.

A casino’s primary mission is to make its customers feel good. This is accomplished through gaming, eating and drinking, entertainment and more. These elements create the right environment for your audience to gamble, relax, and have fun.

Lighting, sound, and visual media are all important to a casino’s overall design. The environment a casino creates is also shaped by the information it knows about its audience. For example, a casino may know its demographics but that isn’t enough to understand what makes them tick. What are they looking for, why do they want to visit and how do they feel about their experience?

The most effective way to boost your casino’s marketing is by doubling down on those emotions. Consumers trust other consumers more than they do brands, so it’s vital to showcase positive feedback and testimonials. Use video testimonials from happy players and winners on your website, social media pages, and in-casino advertising. Display these on screens throughout your casino to increase discoverability and build your brand’s reputation. You can even install a photo booth for guests to take pictures of their gambling adventures and encourage them to share them with the world.